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Les Rousses

Les Rousses is a dynamic town located in the heart of Haut-Jura Natural Regional Park. It offers all the conveniences of a large winter and summer resort.

Towns in Doubs

Mountains and rivers are the assets of the Doubs department. Pontarlier is known to be the second highest town in France. Its numerous activities and year-round sports make it the Haut-Doubs region's touristic capital. Located 5 km south of Pontarlier, the Chateau de Joux guards the entrance from Switzerland, overlooking a transverse valley cutting through the mountain.
Capital of the Loue Valley, Ornans is also called "Little Venice of Franche-Comte" for its picturesque rows of wooden and stone houses and their flower-decked balconies overhanging the Loue river.

Towns in Haute-Saone

Gray is built on the banks of the Saone river. The town is proud of its architectural heritage and the old town possesses an interesting historic charm.
Luxeuil-les-Bains is a spa town in the north of Haute-Saone located on the doorsteps of the Vosges Regional Natural Reserve. Most of the monuments and old residences are built in red sandstone.


Prefecture of the Haute-Saone department, Vesoul is overlooked by the "Colline de la Motte", a hill crowned with the statue of the Virgin Mary with a beautiful view over the town and the lake.
Productive farmland covers a large portion of Haute-Saone's landscape. Vesoul is in the center of an agricultural region with farmlands dominating its surrounding landscape.
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