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The city center is concentrated on a small island on the Ill river. The Ponts Couverts (covered bridges), characterized by their four medieval watch towers, provide attractive observation points of the four Ill canals and the scenic Petite France, a picturesque neighborhood of old Alsatian houses, narrow canals and restaurants.
Capital of Alsace, Strasbourg is also home to international institutions, such as the European Parlement and the Europan Court and Commission for Human Rights. These buildings are located on the outskirts of the city center.
Free Alsace pictures, Strasbourg images
Free Alsace pictures, Strasbourg images


Colmar may be the most typical Alsatian city. High-gabled, timber-framed houses line the ancient streets and squares of the perfectly preserved city center.
Peaceful canals wind through the picturesque quarter known as "Petite Venise", an area of bright Alsatian houses with colorful shutters and window boxes.
Free pictures of Alsace, Colmar images
Free Alsace pictures, Colmar building images


The Hotel de Ville, a Renaissance building built in 1552, now hosts the museum of local history. It stands on the Place de la Reunion, at the heart of the old town.
The Nouveau Quartier (New Quarter) was inspired by the Empire style and symbolizes the industrial revolution.
The Europe Tower is the actual new city center and has become one of Mulhouse symbols.
Free Alsace pictures, city of Mulhouse images
Free Alsace pictures, city of Mulhouse images

Storks in Alsace

White storks are one of the region's most beloved symbols and for many centuries they return every year from Africa to announce the coming of spring in France. However their number had dramatically declined. Breeding centers have been set up, part of a program to reintroduce them to the area.
Free France pictures, images of storks in Alsace
Free France pictures, images of storks in Alsace
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