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Rhone-Alpes vineyards and free picures


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Chateaux and Vineyards

Fortifications mark a page of history in Savoie. This has always been an important passageway, at one time guarded by many chateaux, like the Miolans fortress.
Along Lake Leman next to the town of Thonon-les-Bains, the 15th century Chateau de Ripaille emerges in the background of dense rows of vineyards, which produce a fine regional wine. They compose a majestic landscape,totally characteristic of Savoie.
Free vineyards pictures
Free vineyards pictures

Savoie Vineyards

The vineyards cover the lower alpine slopes, between Geneva and Grenoble. Unevenly spread out between the Savoie, Haute-Savoie and Isere departments, the vineyard need to be confined into the milder microclimates. They spread along the large sunny valleys (cluse de Chambery, combe de Savoie), on the lakes shores (Leman et Le Bourget) and cover the lower alpine slopes.
Free vineyards pictures
Free vineyards pictures

Rhone Valley

The Rhone wine region extends from the south of Lyon almost to the Mediterranean sea. In the north, the Rhone river cuts through the edge of the Massif Central mountains and carves precipitously steep slopes in places like "l'Hermitage", where the vineyards are clinging to the rock. The varieties of wines from the southern and the northern part of this region are the products of the climate and the landscape.
Rhone valley photos, free vineyard pictures
Rhone valley photos, free grapevines pictures
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