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Vineyards can be found in a large part of the region. Located in the foothills of the Vosges mountains, they enjoy a warm and sunny micro-climate which has made it possible to grow many types of grape. Alsace vineyards are aligned along the 170-km Wine Road stretching from Marlenheim in the north to Thann in the south.
Lovely paths lead through scenic vineyards; numerous information posts explain the work of the winegrower, and the differences between grape varieties.
Free pictures of Alsace, vinyards Photos
Free pictures of Alsace, vinyards Photos

Towns along the Wine Road

The picturesque Wine Road is surrounded by vine-clad slopes, guarded by hilltop remnants of castles and passes through 60 wine-producing villages with cobbled streets, brightened by colorful half-timbered houses and their geranium-clad balconies, oriel windows with sculpted portals and medieval sign boards.
Free pictures of Alsace, images of towns along wine route
Free pictures of Alsace, vinyard and wine town pictures

Wines and Cuisine

Sheltered by the Vosges mountains, the vineyards of Alsace enjoy a microclimate that is ideal for a majestic white wine. Alsace wines are unique among French wines in two ways: all come in a tall, thin bottle called "flute" and most of them carry a grape variety name and a place-name, which is simply Alsace.
Much of Alsace attraction lies in its original and tasty cuisine such as choucroute and flammekuche. The well-known Munster cheese is made in farms in the Vosges mountains.
Free pictures of Alsace, wine pictures
Free pictures of Alsace, local food pictures

Local Specialties

Pretzels, an ideal snack served with aperitif and beer, are commonly sold in little stores.
Alsace is the birthplace of the Kougelhopf, a breadlike brioche often served for breakfast. It has a traditional shape and its surface can be sprinkled with almonds and confectionary sugar. It has become one of the region's icons. It achieves its perfect shape and texture when baked in the authentic earthenware grooved mold.
Free pictures of Alsace, local specialties pictures
Free pictures of Alsace, local specialties pictures

Wineries and Restaurants

There are plenty of opportunities to stop at wineries and sample the local wines. The ideal places to taste the local gastronomic specialties and the flowery Alsatian white wines are the winstubs, typical Alsatian restaurants with a warm and cozy atmosphere.
Free pictures of Alsace, restaurant pictures
Free pictures of Alsace, wineries pictures
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